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Nitrous Oxide
Boise, ID

Woman receiving nitrous oxide laughing gas to ease pain and anxiety prior to dental procedure at Water's Edge DentalAt Water's Edge Dental, we are prepared to give you the best information and treatment possible for any dental health concern that you may have. A key part of many treatment plans involves procedures that can require sedation. While most dental visits do not require the use of sedation, we are ready to give you nitrous oxide for those that do. Often referred to as “laughing gas”, it can help us more easily take care of your mouth without causing you any excessive pain. We can also use this form of dental sedation on patients that are overwhelmed with fear or anxiety prior to a dental procedure.

Nitrous Oxide Defined

What makes nitrous oxide such choice for your sedation is the euphoric and pleasurable feeling it induces in you to counteract any incoming pain. Once you breathe it in, nitrous oxide causes your body’s reaction time to slow down. We administer it locally with gas that is both colorless and odorless. It is an appealing sedative choice because of how quickly it works and how simple it is for us to take away the effects when we are done with the day’s treatment. Consequently, we rate nitrous oxide quite highly among the sedation methods available.

Nitrous Oxide And Children

Nitrous oxide is not only an excellent sedative tool for adults and their treatment, but for children as well. Because of its ease of use through the application of a small mask over your child’s nose, all your child has to do is inhale until the nitrous oxide begins to set in. Your child should not panic, as they can stay awake throughout the treatment and continue talking with our dentist, who will assist in keeping them as relaxed as possible as they work. With these factors in mind, we recommend the use of nitrous oxide if your child requires sedation for their treatment plan. However, if you believe that your child will nonetheless struggle against the use of a mask or gas, you should let us know so that we can discuss other forms of sedation with you.

Are There Any Side Effects To Nitrous Oxide?

It is rare for us to see nitrous oxide-induced side effects in our patients, as so few of them ever experience any. But, for those that do see side effects, it is typically because our patient has breathed the gas in too quickly or because the level of nitrous oxide has been set too high. When these scenarios have occurred, shivering, headaches, and excessive sweating can begin. We have also seen that our patients experience surprising fatigue or nausea. Thankfully, because it is easy to adjust for what caused the side effects, we do not see them that often and know how to address them when they do arise.

How We Will Help You Avoid Side Effects

With our experience and preparation, we will help to make any treatment you have with us as painless and easy for you as possible. If we have planned on you receiving nitrous oxide, we encourage you not to eat much before or after the procedure so that you do not risk experiencing any nausea. After we have finished with the nitrous, our dentists will give you oxygen for some time to make it so that you do not experience any headaches, either. The oxygen serves to push any leftover nitrous from your lungs and to wake you up fully.

If you think that nitrous oxide might be right for you and you would like to learn more about it, call us today at (208) 391-8554.

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Nitrous Oxide, commonly known as laughing gas, is a common method of dental sedation that is used to relieve pain, discomfort, or anxiety prior to a dental procedure. Click to learn more.
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