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Why Use Clear Aligners To Straighten Your Teeth?

woman smiling while wearing clear aligners from her Boise dentist at Water's Edge Dental.Some of our patients want to straighten their teeth, but would like more control in their day to day care, and get the work done more discreetly. Aligners allow us to make simple changes to the look of your teeth. Working together, we will create a customized series of plastic aligners with your needs in mind. Our staff at Water's Edge Dental, along with Dr. Geoffrey Herzog and Dr. Kristine Ali, can help you perfect your smile using a modern take on traditional metal braces. Our team at Water's Edge Dental, we can help you obtain teeth that are straighter, close any gaps, and help adjust your bite, while maintaining a professional look.

Shockingly, current studies show that only 35% of adults have a good bite or correctly aligned teeth, and some of them even wore braces in their youth. Studies also tell us that almost half of adults would like to improve the look of their teeth. The biggest factor holding them back is the idea of having a mouth full of metal. Braces may be successful, but they are not noted for their attractiveness or professional appearance. Mix their look and the average amount of time that braces need to be worn, which is about a two-year commitment, and many adults are understandably scared off. Customized dental aligners, such as Clear Correct will correct your bite in less time, and because it’s clear, your dental work will only be obvious to you.

Dental aligners allow you to be in control. Though you should wear them a majority of the time, you can choose to remove them. They are also nearly invisible, allowing you to be in control of who knows you are having work done. Aligners can correct your bite and straighten your teeth, while closing gaps, without the restrictions and hassles that come from wearing traditional metal braces.

With clear dental aligners, you will:

•  Not have the visible signs of stereotypical adolescence.
•  Never have metal rubbing or poking the soft tissues of your inner cheeks.
•  Never require office visits for adjustments or tightening.
•  Never have food stuck in your braces or wires.
•  Never have to adjust your diet due to brackets or wires.
•  Never smile displaying a mouthful of metal.

This system does not use the standard wire and bracket. Instead, your teeth are slowly pulled into position through wearing a series of removable, clear plastic molded trays, customized to fit you. After you have received your customized dental aligners, you simply wear one aligner at a time over your teeth and then switch to the next designated aligner in the series approximately every two weeks. Gradually, the force of the aligner will shift your teeth in small increments, and the final result will be the smile that Dr. Geoffrey Herzog or Dr. Kristine Ali designed with you during your planning appointment.

Scheduling An Appointment

If you have any additional questions about clear aligners, give us a call at (208) 375-0572 for more information or to schedule an appointment and start your path to happy healthy straightened teeth

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