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Doctor examining x-ray with female patient at Water's Edge Dental in Boise, IdahoTechnology in today’s world is evolving faster than ever before, leaving the operating procedures of various industries looking very different now than they did in the past. This is especially true when it comes to dentistry, where things like lasers and ultrasonic waves seemed like non-entities even just a few decades ago. Today, however, we now have a wide variety of technological options that can help us keep your teeth strong, healthy, and bright. At Water’s Edge Dental, we are proud to offer our patients the very best and the very latest in care options. That includes things like digital x-rays, ultrasonic scalers, and intraoral cameras.

Ultrasonic Scalers

When it comes to keeping your teeth clean and free from disease and decay, one of the most important things you can do is to keep your teeth clean. Even more than that, however, it is important that you come in and see us regularly. This is done to help ensure that you avoid buildups of tartar or plaque on your teeth that can lead to gum disease if not cleaned promptly. Ultrasonic scalers are some of the most effective and most common scalers out there. They work incredibly well to remove debris from your teeth, and when used properly, tend to be far more comfortable for patients than other cleaning methods.

Digital X-Rays

In addition to keeping your mouth and your teeth clean, we have to be able to see exactly what is going on in your mouth and your teeth in order to ensure that our oral health is truly as good as it could be. Digital x-rays, then, are an important tool that we use to take a closer look at your mouth. These x-rays create incredibly detailed images of your teeth, your mouth, and your jaw, enabling our dentists to get a look at “the big picture” of your oral health before designing a treatment plan for you to take into consideration. Digital x-rays are not uncomfortable for the patient at all – they shouldn’t cause discomfort as they are simply creating images for us to examine.

Intraoral scanner at Water's Edge Dental in Boise, ID

Intraoral Scanner

Another important tool that is used by our dentists is the intraoral scanner. This scanner is a small, handheld scanner that can magnify your teeth greatly. This helps us, as well as the patient, understand exactly what is going on. The intraoral scanner can be used to detect areas of tooth decay, plaque buildup, or even discoloration, which could be a sign of infection or damage. These scanners are also incredibly useful when it comes to educating patients about their teeth and the state of their oral health, as well as showing them where problem areas exist so that they can keep an eye on the situation.

Technology plays an important role in today’s society, and the field of dentistry is no exception. For more information about what kind of technology use at Water’s Edge Dental, please give us a call today at (208) 391-8554 and speak with one of our experienced professionals.

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At Water's Edge Dental, we want to take full advantage of the advances in technology to give our patients the best care. That is why we use the latest technologies to ensure you get the best care. Call us today to learn more.
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