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Night Guards & Sports Guards
Boise, ID

Dentist handing patient a custom made mouth guard from Water's Edge DentalYour teeth are an important part of your life. From eating to speaking to smiling, your teeth play an incredibly big role when it comes to living healthily. With so much at stake, shouldn’t you do everything possible to keep them safe?

At Water’s Edge Dental, we understand the importance of protecting your teeth and keeping them safe from harm. Preventive dental services stop problems before they occur. That is why we offer our patients custom made night guards and sports guard to help provide protection from sports accidents or nighttime grinding. Keep your teeth safe from elbows, trauma to the mouth, or unconscious grinding that can damage your teeth in the long run!

What is a night guard?

In certain individuals, it is not uncommon for nighttime to be a period of danger to their teeth. That is because when they sleep, they tend to grind their teeth together. This is known as bruxism. This might not seem like such a big deal – after all, how much pressure can be exerted if the patient in question is sleeping? Keep in mind that we use our teeth to bite through even the toughest of foods, which should indicate that the pressure exerted on your teeth can be quite substantial, indeed.

While grinding might not be much of an issue the first night or two, continued grinding can cause significant damage to your teeth. A night guard, then, is a mouthpiece that guards against that grinding. It does not stop the patient from grinding their teeth, per se, but rather works to absorb the pressure that would otherwise be exerted directly upon the teeth.

What is a sports guard?

If you have ever played a physical sport, you are probably aware of just how dangerous they can be. This is especially true if you are playing a high impact sport like football, rugby, or even basketball, where elbows and hands might go flying haphazardly through the air and land on a nearby face. Or, even worse, when someone is tackled a bit too forcefully, leading to a face plant in the ground that can leave teeth in serious trouble.

A sports guard is a mouthpiece that athletes wear while playing their sport. The guard protects teeth, gums, and even your jaw from the potential damage that a sports accident can cause. Because their purpose is to protect your mouth from all sorts of different pressures, injuries, and accidents, sports guards are usually much larger and are made of a material that is much thicker than that of a night guard.

Do I need a mouth guard or a sports guard?

Depending on your situation, chances are good that you do need to invest in guards for your teeth. Not doing so can lead to significant damage, and the cost of repairing that kind of damage will be far more than the price of a mouthpiece.

For more information about night guards and sports guards, give Water’s Edge Dental a call today at (208) 391-8554 and speak with one of our experienced professionals!

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