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How Do Healthy Lips Contribute To Good Oral Health

Posted on 12/5/2022 by Water's Edge Dental
How Do Healthy Lips Contribute To Good Oral HealthGood oral health is not all about your teeth. You may find that you often neglect your lips, and this can be harmful to them, especially in the summer months. The skin that comprises your lips is generally thinner and has low levels of melanin. This means that your lips cannot adequately protect themselves from the UV rays of the sun, and will need more care.

Should I use sunscreen to protect my lips

Yes. This is actually the best thing you can do to protect your lips from the sun. You can use lip sunscreen and reapply as needed to ensure your lips are safe from damage. Apart from this, you can also make it a habit to exfoliate your lips to get rid of any dried up skin. Also, remember to hydrate throughout the day as this will help keep your lips moist.

Why do my lips need protection from the sun?

Your lips, just like any other body part, are vulnerable to the radiation emitted by the sun. Applying lip sunscreen will help filter out dangerous UVB rays, reducing the chances of you developing cancer of the lips.

What is the remedy for my sunburned lips?

If you left your lips sunscreen at home, your lips may sustain damage from the sun. You might notice this in the form of unusual redness, if they become tender to your tooth or if they are swollen. To get some relief, rest a washcloth dipped in cold water on your lips. Remember to reach out to us if the sunburn does not get better in a couple of days.

Your lips need sun protection too

If your lips are damaged by the sun, they may disrupt your dental hygiene routine as it may be painful. Protecting your lips from the outside conditions is thus a great way to ensure good oral health. Now that you know why you should protect your lips from the sun, do not hesitate to reach out to our team for professionals today.

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