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Typical Symptoms for Those Who Have Nighttime Bruxism

Posted on 9/19/2022 by Water's Edge Dental
Typical Symptoms for Those Who Have Nighttime BruxismBruxism is an oral condition that makes you grind, clench, or gnash your teeth. If you have bruxism, you tend to unconsciously grind or clench your teeth while sleeping. This is commonly referred to as sleep bruxism. You could also grind your teeth when awake, a condition called awake bruxism. Experts consider bruxism to be a sleep-related disorder. Knowing some of the symptoms of this condition will help you manage it better. They include;

Teeth Clenching or Grinding

Clenching or grinding of teeth is the most common symptom of bruxism. If you have this condition, you will unconsciously clench or grind your teeth. This mostly happens when you are sleeping. Grinding and clenching of teeth can be so loud that it wakes the person sleeping next to you. Remember that continued grinding and clenching of teeth can cause significant damage to your teeth. It could also weaken your teeth structure and interfere with the surrounding gum tissues.

Fractured Teeth

Another common sign of bruxism is fractured teeth. If you continuously clench and grind your teeth, they will become loose, chipped, flattened, or fractured. If you have a loose or fractured tooth, you should come to our offices immediately. Our dentists will use specialised equipment like dental crowns to fix them. In some cases, we use dental fillings to fix chipped teeth.

The Enamel is Exposed

Continual bruxism could expose your tooth enamel. By repeatedly clenching or grinding your teeth, you wear down the tough outer layer of your tooth called the enamel. Within a short period, the enamel wears down completely can no longer protect your tooth. This makes your tooth vulnerable to bacterial attack and you risk developing conditions like cavities and tooth decay. This is why it is vital to protect your teeth again any effects of bruxism. Get in touch with us for more information on the symptoms of bruxism.

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