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How Restoring Lost Teeth Has Long-Term Benefits

Posted on 11/22/2021 by Water's Edge Dental
How Restoring Lost Teeth Has Long-Term BenefitsIt is natural for each person to lose teeth as they get older. The first time this happens is during childhood, when our adult teeth replace our infant teeth. As we continue to age, though, a number of factors can cause loss of adult teeth. Some common reasons might be overall oral health, injuries to the mouth or face, or cavities. However, it is important to replace those teeth to maintain a healthy mouth.

The Reasons for Restoring Lost Teeth

One of the first and primary reasons to have any lost teeth restored is so that you can maintain the integrity of your mouth as you age. It might seem silly, but even one lost tooth can compromise the integrity and comfort of your mouth. Without restoring the teeth, you may have discomfort when you bite down or whenever you talk. It is also possible the damage gets progressively worse the more you try to ignore it.

A second reason to replace your lost tooth is because your teeth always adjust and grow, even as an adult. The teeth next to the missing tooth will sense the gap and move in to fill the empty space. If they do this, it will make it difficult to clean those teeth. If you cannot clean your teeth, it makes it more likely you will get cavities.

Another reason to replace lost teeth is because it will allow you to smile and talk with confidence. Knowing that you lost a tooth, regardless of where in your mouth it is, may make you less willing to smile for pictures or to talk to much when around other people. Restoring your teeth can provide you with full comfort in your appearance.

If you have any concern or worries about tooth loss, or want us to further explain the procedures that restore lost teeth, please feel free to come down to our office or give us a call. Our team of dental specialists are ready to help you!

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