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Examples of Foods That Lead to Increased Gum Recession

Posted on 7/12/2021 by Water's Edge Dental
Examples of Foods That Lead to Increased Gum RecessionGum recession is the process in which the gum tissue that surrounds your teeth pulls back from your tooth. Normally, the gum is snug against your tooth. In addition, your gum should be a healthy pink color with a firm texture. When the gum recedes, gaps formed between the tooth and the gumline which make it easy for harmful bacteria to build up in the voids. If this is left untreated, the supporting gum tissue can become damaged and ultimately the tooth will suffer.

Unfortunately, gum recession is common. if you are experiencing sensitivity along a gumline, it may be due to receding gums. This process happens gradually, but you may feel sharp pain if your teeth become sensitive to extreme hot or cold temperatures associated with the food or beverages you consume.

Eating Good Food Helps to Slow Gum Recession

In addition to good oral hygiene, there are other best practices to incorporate to combat gum recession. A healthy lifestyle is a good defense against gum recession. Eating fresh produce will allow your body to assimilate necessary vitamins and minerals which keep your teeth and gums healthy. Eat carrots, sweet peppers, and beets. Eat a rainbow of colors and include leafy greens in your meal plan. Do not be afraid to try a vegetable you have never heard of before. Control your sugar intake. The more sugar you eat, the more bacteria congregate in your mouth. Cut back on starch as well. Instead, eat whole foods which are full of nutrients for your mouth.

Better Oral Health Starts with a Good Oral Hygiene Routine

If you experience sensitivity when you eat sugar or eat something that is cold or hot, you may have gum recession in some parts of your mouth. Make an appointment with our office so that we can do a thorough dental cleaning and exam. Let us know if you are experiencing sensitivity so we can use room temperature water clean your teeth and keep you as comfortable as possible. We will document any gum recession, and help you take steps to alleviate gum sensitivity.

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