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Foods to Avoid with Braces

Posted on 3/8/2021 by Water's Edge Dental
Foods to Avoid with BracesAs dentists, we recommend braces to straighten teeth or solve any other dental problems you may be facing, including underbite, overbite or a gap.

Braces can drastically improve the appearance of your teeth, but it may take months and even years. When you first get braces, it may be uncomfortable, but you will get used to it within days or weeks. You might even experience discomfort and pain around your teeth and gums in the first few days.

Foods to avoid when you first get braces

The hardest problem people face is giving up foods they love when they first get braces. Your teeth are sensitive in the first few days following your appointment, so eating foods with tough textures can cause pain. Here is a list of foods to steer clear of after getting braces:

•  Icecream
•  Spicy foods
•  Thick cuts of meat
•  Thick bread
•  Raw vegetables
•  Hard foods like nuts
•  Chewy foods like bagels
•  Sugary and starchy food and drinks
•  Sticky foods like gum and caramel
•  Crunchy foods like popcorn and ice

Foods you can eat with braces

Getting braces doesn't necessarily hurt but it is common to experience tooth sensitivity. After you get braces, you'll need to adjust to chewing differently. This is why soft foods are better for people who have just gotten braces. These include:

•  Yoghurt
•  Mashed potatoes
•  Oatmeal
•  Grains
•  Soups
•  Soft cheese
•  Cooked and soft vegetables

What to do if your braces come loose

While you have braces, you'll be regularly visiting your dentist. If you experience a loose or broken wire or band, don't pick at the wire as it could cause more damage. Instead, place a wet cotton piece over the sharp edge and visit Water's Edge Dental right away where Dr. Geoffrey Herzog will cater to the problem at hand.

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