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Best Treatments for Oral Thrush

Posted on 4/26/2021 by Water's Edge Dental
Best Treatments for Oral ThrushOral candidiasis or oral thrush is a yeast infection that occurs in the mouth. It is caused by a microorganism that is naturally present inside our body and on our skin. This microorganism is classified under the group of fungi and is known as candida Albicans. It is the main cause of most fungal infections in humans.

Oral thrush is an oral disease that leads to the development of white creamy patches on the tongue and inner cheeks. The yeast that forms inside our mouth is the result of an overgrowth of candida Albicans. Due to oral thrush, patients experience pain and discomfort while and drinking. Patients complain of an unpleasant taste and odor in their mouth.

With effective medication, oral thrush can be treated and cured within a week or two. The best treatments for oral thrush are:

Anti-fungal Topical Medicines

Topical antifungal medicines are the most effective treatment for oral thrush. The medicines restrict the overgrowth of candida Albicans by targeting the fungal cells. For treating the fungal infection in the mouth, your doctor may prescribe you one of the following antifungal tablets or capsules:

•  clotrimazole
•  itraconazole
•  fluconazole
•  amphotericin B
•  anfotericin B
•  miconazole
•  ketoconazole
•  fluconazole

However, it must be noted that patients can experience side effects like diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain as a result of these antifungal medicines.

Oral Hygiene

Oral hygiene is mandatory for the proper treatment of oral thrush. Doctors recommend rinsing your mouth thoroughly after every meal, brushing your teeth twice a day for 2 mins every time, and flossing your teeth once a day. You must avoid sharing toothbrushes with your partner and children because the candida fungi can be transmitted from one person to another through the sharing of toothbrushes.

If you use dentures, then it is important that you remove your dentures before going to bed. Ensure that your dentures are cleaned thoroughly before you place them back in your mouth. Use lukewarm water to clean and soak your dentures.

Healthy Diet

The risk of oral thrush increases in patients who are diabetic. Yeast feeds on sugar, and the intake of sugary meals can accelerate the growth and spread of candida fungi. A healthy diet that contains antioxidants like fresh fruits and vegetables can help stop the growth of candida and boost your immunity so that you can naturally fight the fungi.

Intake of yogurt and other probiotic supplements can also help treat oral thrush because the good bacteria present in yogurt and probiotic supplements fight the candida fungi in our digestive system.

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