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How Periodontitis Is Treated

Posted on 4/12/2021 by Water's Edge Dental
How Periodontitis Is TreatedPeriodontitis (gum infection) treatment depends on the severity of the disease, with early and moderate periodontitis being treated with non-surgical options, and severe periodontitis requiring surgery. This article discusses the different treatment methods.

Good Oral Hygiene

The first step in tackling periodontitis is observing good oral hygiene – no treatment will be effective if this basic step is ignored. This involves brushing teeth twice a day and flossing daily.


Antibiotics are used to curb bacterial infection and are available in both, oral and topical forms. Topical antibiotics involve gels and rinses and are used after deep cleaning. Oral antibiotics are used if this alone does not eliminate the infection.


Scaling involves removing tartar and bacteria from not only the surface of the teeth, but also from below the gums. This is usually done with instruments, ultrasonic devices, or lasers.

Root Planing

Root planing targets the roots of the teeth and involves smoothing them to prevent future buildup of bacteria and plaque.

Flap Surgery

Flap surgery involves lifting the gums and removing the bacteria and tartar buildup beneath them. The gums are then stitched back so that they fit around the tooth and can heal in place.

Bone Grafting

This surgery is performed when the bone surrounding the root of your tooth has been damaged and involves using your own bone or synthetic bone to rebuild support around the affected tooth. This not only holds your tooth in place, but also allows for the bone's regrowth.

Gum Grafting

Severe periodontitis can lead to gum recession, which requires gum grafting. This procedure involves using gum tissue from the roof of your mouth to cover the affected areas. This not only covers the exposed roots, but also protects them and reduces further recession and sensitivity.

You can learn more about these procedures by calling Water's Edge Dental at (208) 391-8554. Dr. Geoffrey Herzog and will be more than happy to discuss periodontitis treatments with you in detail.

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