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Wear A Sports Mouthguard To Prevent Dental Injuries

Posted on 2/22/2021 by Water's Edge Dental
Wear A Sports Mouthguard To Prevent Dental InjuriesOur professionals specialize in mouthguards for sporting athletes. Mouthguards prevent dental injuries caused during sporting activities. We encourage the use of mouthguards since it protects the athlete's mouth and keeps their teeth and gums healthy.

Variants Of Mouthguards

Stock or prefabricated mouthguards are made of rubber or plastic. These are available for multiple jaw sizes. These mouthguards are a 'one size fits all design. This mouthguard is not customized and will be loosely fitted in your mouth. This will not be able to prevent any dental injury from occurring. Sometimes the mouthguard may slip from your mouth during gameplay. Our experts recommend custom-fit mouthguards while playing a game.

Mouth formed protectors form a rigid protective layer around the teeth. They take the shape of the teeth since it is made of silicon rubber. It has a soft cushioning which fits around your teeth more comfortably. It also provides better protection since it is snug around your teeth.

When Should A Person Wear Mouthguards?

A person should wear a mouthguard while playing sports such as boxing, soccer, or basketball. Mouthguards are a mandatory piece of equipment provided in various sporting kits. This can be used at a very early age to protect your teeth. It is always better to get customized mouthguards as opposed to over the counter ones since they fit better. Customized mouthguards are also made of better quality and provide better protection. Prevention is better than cure so it is wise to choose customized mouthguards. It helps you better your gameplay and forget about the constant worry of hurting your mouth or suffering from a severe injury that could impact your sporting career.

Athletes can connect with our team of dentists to get a custom made mouthguard that fits perfectly and provides complete protection from any dental injuries.

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