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Why Do Teeth Develop Sensitivity?

Posted on 12/7/2020 by Water's Edge Dental
Why Do Teeth Develop Sensitivity?Sensitivity to hot and cold, sweet and sour, or alcoholic foods and beverages is a discomfort that looms over many people. So, what causes this type of tooth sensitivity and is there anything that can be done to address this issue? Well, the answer is not always as simple as people would like, but the fact of the matter is that this problem can be caused by several things. Fortunately, though, it can be eliminated or significantly reduced by coming into our office and letting our expert staff identify the underlying reasons behind your sensitivity.

Causes of Sensitive Teeth

The most common causes of sensitive teeth are related to activities that reduce your enamel, which is the hard tissue that protects your teeth; just under your enamel is dentin, and nerves below the dentin, which send pain signals to the brain when they encounter relative extremes in temperature and acidity. Consumption of acidic foods and beverages (such as soda and sour candy), brushing your teeth with too much pressure and too stiff of a brush, and grinding your teeth are amongst the most common causes of enamel reduction that leads to sensitive teeth. Exposure due to gum recession, acid-wear due to Gastroesophageal reflux, and exposure of areas with little to no enamel due to cracked teeth or cavities are other causes of sensitivity.


Prescription toothpastes and desensitizing agents are two common options that we have available for your overly sensitive teeth. Prescription toothpastes and desensitizing agents restore enamel thickness by diffusing ions (fluoride and calcium) into your enamel to grow the hydroxyapatite crystals that make-up your enamel. Call to schedule a diagnostic appointment with us so that we can properly access your cause(s) and provide you with the most appropriate treatment to get you pain-free as quickly as possible.

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