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Do Teeth Take Damage When They Get Whitened?

Posted on 8/24/2020 by Water's Edge Dental
Do Teeth Take Damage When They Get Whitened?This is a fantastic question and one that dentists are starting to hear more and more. As ultra-white teeth have become a status symbol of beauty and self care, many people are having these whitening procedures performed regularly. And while that is perfectly acceptable when done at professional clinics such as ours, the fact that so many of these do-it-yourself kits for home use are being sold is cause for concern.

The main reason is because these formulas have a number of ingredients and additives which can be harmful when not used properly. Anything from damage to the tooth to accidental ingestion could take place during one of these sessions. The best way to have your smile brightened is to come and let a professional take care of it. Here are a couple of things that can happen when you choose to handle it yourself:

Increase in Tooth Sensitivity

While this is usually a given for any type of whitening procedure, it should only last the rest of the day and perhaps the next. Many patients who have tried home whitening remedies had to schedule an appointment with us after several days of sensitivity. This not only hinders eating and drinking, it means that there has been some notable damage done to the tooth, at least on the outer layers.

Moderate to Severe Root Damage

The above section is the low end of the spectrum as far as damage goes. Think about how leaving bleach or another hair product in too long can damage your hair and even burn your scalp. Whitening kits and pastes are no different.

And even though the instruction might say to only leave it on for a certain amount of time, many people leave it on a just a little bit longer to achieve what they think will be even better results. Many times they end up with root damage which needs serious attention.

For assistance with professional whitening procedures or any other dental issue, please give our offices a call at your next opportunity. We will be glad to help in any way we can.

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