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Foods That Lead to Gum Recession More Quickly
Posted on 7/6/2020 by Water's Edge Dental
Foods That Lead to Gum Recession More Quickly
When our teeth are looking good and healthy, they are a prize. We get to flaunt them to everyone, plus we get the benefit of not having any issues such as pain and discomfort. Although maintaining oral hygiene is crucial to keeping our teeth strong and healthy, so does what we eat. The food we eat can hugely benefit our teeth and gums or be the agent of their destruction. Here are a few foods that can lead to gum recession.

Sweets and Sticky Candies

All sweets and candies mainly consist of processed sugars, artificial coloring, and flavors. As such, their high sugar content is often a buffet for the bacteria in the mouth. This is because the bacteria feed off the sugars, and the byproduct is an acidic substance that compromises the enamel of the teeth together with the gums. Plaque is a significant contributor to gum disease. The sticky substance glues itself to the base of the tooth so that it can better penetrate the gum and enamel, which weakens the gums, causing them to recede.

Starchy Foods

Although starchy foods make for great snacks, they aren't quite as good on your gums and teeth. Potato chips and soft bread, for instance, get trapped in between teeth very quickly. Unless someone is an ardent flosser, these pieces stay in these spaces and become food for the bacteria in the mouth. That's because simple carbs are converted by the body very easily into sugar, which is an enemy of your gums.

Carbonated Soft Drinks

Many people today have teeth and gum problems because of their love for sodas and other carbonated drinks. These drinks are loaded with sugar, but they often also have either citric acid or phosphoric acid as an ingredient that affects the gums and teeth negatively. Regularly drinking carbonated soft drinks accelerates the damage in the mouth, causing your gums to recede that much faster.
Watching what we eat is vital if we want to have healthy teeth. By eating foods that bolster teeth, we not only make them stronger but also make them of use to us for a longer time. Contact us today to find out more!

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