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Do Sugar Substitutes Do the Same Kind Of Damage As Process Sugars

Posted on 6/8/2020 by Water's Edge Dental
Do Sugar Substitutes Do the Same Kind Of Damage As Process SugarsIn the dental world, sugar is considered the enemy to teeth due to the highly negative effects it has on teeth. The bad bacteria that cause cavities love sugar and significantly speeds up the time it takes for them to cause damage. But you don't have to give up sweet things, right? The artificial sweeteners found in diet soda and sugar-free gummy bears eliminate any potential oral health problems, correct?

The answer is complicated and isn't a straightforward yes or no answer. We will be briefly going over why sugar substitutes really do to your teeth.

The Elephant in The Room

The first thing that you are likely thinking of when it comes to this question regarding artificial sweeteners is diet soda. Regular soda is one of the worst things for your teeth due to the high amounts of sugar it contains, which is why we urge people to watch their consumption or ditch it entirely.

Sugar isn't the only thing that makes it harmful to teeth, however. The nature of soda itself is acidic due to the carbonation (even plain seltzer water is acidic) which is further amplified by the acidity of the sugar-free sweetener. High acidity wears down tooth enamel creating a different, but still a very problematic set of issues.

Not all sugar-free products are bad. We are fans of sugar-free gum around and in fact, many of these products are ADA accepted! In addition to this, sugar-free flavoring found in coffee creamers and protein shakes for the most part won't have the same effects that highly acidic products have such as fruity sugarless candy.

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