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Why So Few People Brush the Roof of Their Mouths?

Posted on 12/25/2019 by Water's Edge Dental
Why So Few People Brush the Roof of Their Mouths?It can be difficult taking enough time to thoroughly brush, floss and gargle. Let alone, to find the time to include making an effort to brush places like your tongue and the roof of your mouth. Doing so will increase your chances of oral infections and diseases.

Understanding Your Palate

For the most part, the roof of your mouth is reasonably “out of sight, out of mind.” Try and run your tongue along it from the front to the back. Notice it begins as a hard palate right behind your teeth. Behind your teeth, feel that ridge? That is the bone of your hard palate, it's what separates your oral cavity from your nasal organs. You'll notice either a ridged or raised area in the middle.

It's where the sides of your palate grew together as a baby. In some, it doesn't fully fuse together, called a “cleft palate”. When it's small, it's not an issue, but if it's large. It causes trouble swallowing and speech issues. As your tongue reaches the rear, it is soft and boneless. This soft palate area helps with swallowing by closing off the airway. There are many taste buds and minor salivary glands in the roof of your mouth. We have taste buds, and we have minor salivary glands up there. Nothing too earth shattering.

Painting Your Mouth

Viewing your oral hygiene as a “painting of the mouth” is a wonderful way of viewing oral cleanliness. By using your toothbrush like a paintbrush and the paste and mouthwash like paint, you'll use it to discard and destroy all unhealthy bacteria from the seven areas of your oral surface. They include your gums, teeth, tongue, lips, cheeks, mouth floor and of course, the roof. Using the brush as a paint brush, you “paint” all of those surfaces for a complete oral washing. Doing this results in greatly reducing the number of bacteria and diseases that are living in your mouth.

Remembering to clean the roof of your mouth will help you also clean those other forgotten areas. You'll stay fresher for much longer and also be further protected from oral diseases.

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