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Signs of Sweet Sensitivity in Your Teeth

Posted on 11/20/2019 by Water's Edge Dental
Signs of Sweet Sensitivity in Your TeethMany people around the world experience teeth sensitivity and the cause of sensitivity may be different. For some people their sensitive teeth are only affected by hot foods while others experience slight pain from cold foods.

Another common cause of pain when dealing with sensitive teeth is sweetness. It is important to note, however, that many cold and hot foods can be sweet as well, and the temperature may be the cause of pain and not the actual sweetness of the food.

Tooth sensitivity is usually easily identified as the main symptom is mild to severe pain when eating certain types of foods. Tooth sensitivity occurs when the outer enamel of the teeth is worn away, and exposes the delicate inside of the tooth. Enamel wear can occur due to many different reasons, including poor dental hygiene and teeth grinding. When teeth hurt due to eating certain types of foods the problems can be narrowed down to just a few.

Problems Stemming from Sensitivity

The most common problem when facing tooth sensitivity is the wear of enamel, but the wear of enamel can present as different problems. One common problem when dealing with tooth sensitivity is cavities. Cavities are formed when bacteria inside the mouth eats away at the teeth exposing the inner part of the tooth. The amount of pain experienced when eating can indicate the severity of the cavity, because as more of the sensitive part of the tooth is exposed, the pain will become greater and often time unbearable.

Another common problem that can cause sensitivity to certain foods is tooth whitening treatments. Over-the-counter treatments can make the teeth porous and sensitive if used incorrectly. This is why we always recommend our professional tooth whitening treatments because they are safer than home treatments.

Experiencing tooth sensitivity when eating any type of food could be cause for concern. If you are experiencing pain when eating certain types of foods, we ask that you schedule an appointment as your symptoms could progress leading to other dental problems. There is no way to restore the enamel of your teeth, but we do have methods which will help protect your teeth from future harm.

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