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How Does Saliva Restore the pH Balance in Your Mouth After Consuming Acidic Items?

Posted on 11/10/2019 by Water's Edge Dental
How Does Saliva Restore the pH Balance in Your Mouth After Consuming Acidic Items?Your saliva is basically set up to help you fight any dangers that might come your way in terms of oral health. This is normally a process that happens so fast you could even forget that it is taking place. Most people are not aware that the saliva is made up of alkaline components. This helps in balancing out the pH in your mouth when you have acidic conditions.

How Does Food Interfere with Mouth pH?

On the potential hydrogen scale, the numbers range from 0-14. Anything below the 7 mark is acidic while all that is above is alkaline. This means that any food that enters your mouth is always going to change the pH. Saliva on its own is of a pH of 6.2-7.6 which is great for the mouth.

When foreign particles are added to the mouth, the saliva tries to balance it out and achieve a pH level that allows for normal functioning. Some mouth process such as bacteria breaking down carbohydrates produce lactic acid, which the saliva then tries to balance.

Why Is It Important to Have Saliva Balance My Mouth's pH?

Most times, this process is natural. It goes smoother when we eat natural foods. However, there are times when we consume highly acidic foods and beverages. This leaves the mouth with a low pH. Some drinks such as black coffee, soft drinks and white wine can make it very hard for your saliva to balance the pH in your mouth.

Acids in your mouth begin to demineralize your tooth enamel and expose your dentin. Book an appointment with us today and get the pH of your mouth checked. You will also get more information on what to eat in order to aid your mouth maintain a balanced pH.

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