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It Is Important to See a Dentist During Pregnancy

Posted on 7/20/2019 by Water's Edge Dental
It Is Important to See a Dentist During PregnancyMany women put off going to the dentist once they discover they are pregnant. The reasons we hear are mostly related to their fear that x-rays taken during the team will hurt the baby or otherwise affect their pregnancy.

We can assure you that we take all of the precautions necessary and that you are perfectly safe getting your annual examination. In fact, you may be better off doing it because we can also detect problems.

Your oral cavity reveals a lot of information about you. One of the main reasons you should visit us during your pregnancy is that your pregnancy itself can cause dental problems. But those dental issues can, in turn, cause other problems that could endanger your pregnancy.

What Can Happen If I'm Pregnant?

There are several oral health issues associated with pregnancy. Gingivitis, cavities, gum tumors, and enamel erosion are the most common problems that are pregnancy-related. The good news is that these are all readable without any harm coming to your new addition to the family. So, what kind of trouble can you face?

If your gums start to bleed or they are red or puffy, you may have gingivitis. The reason your pregnancy is related is due to the hormonal changes your pregnancy causes. It can make your immune response to bacteria in your mouth go overboard causes the inflammatory response by your gums.

As for cavities, you have to eat for two now so unless you boost the number of calories you eat, you may not be getting enough of a vitamin or mineral you need to fight decay. This can easily be corrected with a filling.

If you get red bumps along your gumline you may have gum tumors, but don't worry, they aren't cancer tumors. In fact, they are just pockets of plaque building up at your gumline. They are rare and tend to go away by themselves when your pregnancy ends.

One more problem that morning sickness can cause besides embarrassment is eroding tooth enamel. Your morning sickness assures acid will be sitting on your teeth on a daily basis. Don't worry, just rinse your mouth out with a little baking soda in a cup of warm water. It will neutralize the acid and you can then safely wait for a half hour before brushing.

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