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What Does an Oral Piercing Do to Harm Your Oral Health?

Posted on 6/25/2019 by Water's Edge Dental
What Does an Oral Piercing Do to Harm Your Oral Health?Piercings are a method of self-expression, but while an oral piercing might look cool, it can be dangerous to your oral health. Your mouth contains millions of bacteria that could potentially lead to infection and swelling. By better understanding how an oral piercing might do harm to your oral health, you can make an informed decision about whether it is worth the risk in your situation.

Oral Infections, Swelling, and Pain

Your mouth is a moist environment that houses breeding bacteria. Infections are common, and if not treated properly, they can affect other parts of your body. In rare occasions, a tongue piercing may swell to the point where it blocks your airway.

Nerve Damage

Many people who pierce their tongue complain of nerve damage and numbness afterwards. While this is usually a temporary affect, in some cases, it becomes permeant. An injured nerve could alter your ability to move your tongue properly and may affect your sense of taste.

Tooth Damage

With an oral piercing, you'll constantly live with a foreign body in your mouth. This piece of metal could damage your teeth if it knocks against them, leaving you with scratched, cracked, or chipped teeth. Piercings can damage fillings and my scratch or cut the gums, lips, cheeks, and other soft tissues of the mouth.

Problems with Dental Visits

Your oral piercing can also make certain dental procedures more difficult when you come in for your appointments. This jewelry can be problematic if we need to take an x-ray, and it may get in the way of our ability to properly clean your mouth.

While we recommend that you avoid oral piercings altogether, if you do have a piercing, it is important that you care for your teeth properly. This includes regular evaluations and cleanings in our office. Call us today to set up your next appointment.

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