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How Ice Harms Your Teeth

Posted on 2/15/2019 by Water's Edge Dental
How Ice Harms Your TeethWhile chewing ice may provide relief from the summer heat, it may not be as harmless as you think. Here are some of the effects of chewing ice.

Enamel Damage

Chewing on ice reduces the strength of the enamel thereby predisposing it to decay. This is the part of your teeth that ensures that biting, grinding, and chewing does not compromise the inner parts of the tooth. The more it is worn down, the more likely you are to develop tooth damage and other related complications such as sensitivity.

Weakens Fillings

When fillings are exposed to rapid changes in temperature, such as when you chew on ice, they tend to expand and contract. Because of this they become loose and need replacement much sooner.

Gum Injuries

Gums can easily be bruised or punctured as a result of chewing on ice as it is usually hard and sharp enough to cut the soft gum tissues.

Cracks Teeth

The pressure exerted on your teeth by frequently chewing on ice can, over time, cause tiny fractures in your teeth. These usually develop into much larger ones resulting in the need for expensive treatments such as root canals.


Constant exposure to high temperature can cause significant damage to the delicate and sensitive nerves that are located inside the teeth.

Can Cause Headaches and Soreness
Chewing ice can result in a mild or excoriating headache, jaw pain, and even brain freeze. In addition, irritating the inner delicate tissues in your teeth can cause a toothache.

Underlying Problems
If you find yourself constantly craving ice chewing, it could be a sign of underlying severe health concern, such as nutritional deficiencies (anemia), stress, OCD, or even developmental disorders.

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