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Why a Toothache May Start Off as Sinus Pain

Posted on 6/20/2018 by Water's Edge Dental
Sinus Pain Water's Edge Dental ID 83714-1925Believe it or not a toothache may start off as sinus pain from an infection. How is this possible? The maxillary sinuses are located inside the cheekbones, above the upper jaw.

When an infection is present in the maxillary sinuses, pressure builds, and you can feel a lot of pain in your tooth. This condition is what we call a sinus toothache.

Should You Call the Dentist or the Doctor?

If you feel pain in your teeth and have a sinus infection, it is very possible that the pressure from your sinuses is causing the tooth pain. It can be a good idea to call our office and get your tooth checked out.

If our dentist rules out any oral conditions such as a cavity, gum disease, and abscess or any other problem, you should call your physician.

How is a Sinus Infection Treated?

Most sinus infections are viral and should not be treated with antibiotics. The only option in this case if waiting for the infection to run its course. If there is a high fever with nasal drainage, your doctor may order antibiotics.

Thing You Can Do to Relieve the Pain

If your doctor sends you home, but you still have pain there are some things you can do. Stop at the pharmacy and get an over-the-counter medication for your symptoms, you can talk to the pharmacist and they can recommend the best choice.

Drink plenty of fluids, take a hot shower and let the steam clear your sinuses, eat spicy foods, and get plenty of rest. If you're tired, taking a nap or going to bed early can do a world of good.

Now that you know why a toothache may start off as a sinus infection, you can be better prepared if you have some symptoms that may cause you concern. If you're not sure, just call our office.

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