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Why Gums Often Bleed in Pregnant Women

Posted on 4/20/2018 by Water's Edge Dental
Pregnancy Gingivitis Water's Edge Dental ID 83714-1925One of the many symptoms you may experience during your pregnancy is bleeding gums. Close to half of pregnant women experience red, sensitive, tender, swollen, gums that bleed while brushing or flossing. It is common to see a touch of blood on your floss or on your toothbrush.

Even so, receiving proper oral care while pregnant is important for not only your health, but your baby's health as well. To help with your comfort and worries, there are a few steps you can take to help control it.

Reason the Bleeding Occurs

Pregnancy gingivitis is the reason why gums often bleed while pregnant. Due to hormonal changes, while pregnant, gums often become inflamed.

This inflammation is referred to as pregnancy gingivitis; a minor form of gum disease. The inflammation caused by this pregnancy gingivitis makes you more vulnerable to the bacteria located in plaque.

Complications of Pregnancy Gingivitis

Pregnancy gingivitis is a mild form of gum disease and is similar to other forms of gingivitis. This condition can lead to periodontitis, possibly increasing the risk of premature birth, preeclampsia, and low birth weight.

Practicing good oral hygiene prior, during, and after the pregnancy can help you avoid these issues and ensure your baby stays as healthy as possible.

Steps You Can Take

Practicing good oral care during pregnancy is the best defense against pregnancy gingivitis. Gently brush at least two times daily with a soft-bristled toothbrush.

The gentle movement of the soft-bristles help to prevent extra pressure placed on your gums which can result in bleeding. Using rough movements while brushing may aggravate inflammation. Also, be sure to floss once daily as well.

During pregnancy, the dentist may advise you to have additional professional cleanings to ensure the health of your gums. Limit intake of sticky foods and sugar; be sure to get plenty of Vitamin C, D, and calcium.

Contact us if you have further questions about what causes bleeding gums while pregnant and what you should do.

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