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What Swelling In Your Mouth Could Mean

Posted on 4/10/2018 by Water's Edge Dental
Oral Swelling Water's Edge Dental ID 83714-1925If you notice that part of your mouth is swollen, it could mean many different things. For those that recently bit into that section of their mouth, it often simply means that your body is trying to heal.

If you did not bite into your tongue or cheek, but notice it swollen, the cause is going to be from somewhere else. It is important to figure out what is causing the swelling, as some of the causes could be potentially dangerous.

Potential Causes of Oral Swelling

If you have gum disease, then some swelling of your gums is expected. This happens as your body is trying to correct the issue going on in your gums. You will likely notice it more around some teeth than others, and it is often relatively painless.

For those who smoke, you may want to take note of where the swelling is and how long it stays there. If it stays for a few days and does not get better, or it starts to get worse, come in and see us. This could be the earliest sign of oral cancer.

Swelling around a single tooth, especially one that is painful or hot, might be the sign of an infection. Since anything that is in your mouth can quickly make its way to other parts of your body, oral infections are nothing to mess around with. An abscess in your mouth could cause other parts of your body to become infected, too.

Swelling in your mouth may be nothing, or it may be a very big something. The only way to know what is causing it, is to come in and see us. Let us examine your mouth and see what is going on. If we see any signs of a problem, we will make sure to do the proper tests to give you answers as quickly as we can.

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