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How to Change Up Your Brushing Routine to Make It Less Routine

Posted on 3/25/2018 by Water's Edge Dental
Brushing Routine Water's Edge Dental ID 83714-1925When you get into a brushing routine, it may be good in some circumstances. You remember to brush, floss, rinse, and visit our office. These are all great things. However, when you never change up that routine, you could fall into the monotonous category.

This means that you do these things automatically, without putting much thought behind them. You could end up not taking care of your teeth as well, and struggle with things like gum disease or cavities. Instead, what you want, is to figure out a way to make that routine new so you notice the little things and keep up with your oral health.

Ways of Changing Around Your Oral Health Routine Without Missing Anything

There are quite a few things you can do to make your routine more interesting. First, you can start brushing in a different spot each time. This can make it to where you have to focus on what you are doing instead of just going through the motions. Second, you can change up what tools you use.

One day, use regular floss, and the next, use a water flosser. Today, use mint flavored toothpaste, and tomorrow, use a toothpaste that tastes like bacon! Yes, it really does exist.

Third, you can flip out what type of mouthwash you use on a daily basis. This gives you the chance to feel the differences between them, and potentially, give your teeth the benefits of each of those types, if you use them enough.

Just go through and change up your routine now and again. Do not miss any of the steps, just change them around. What you want is to make sure you are actively taking care of your teeth, not just going through the motions. Once you have that down, your teeth will be better off for it.

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