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Who to Ask for Help From If You Need Assistance Flossing Better

Posted on 12/25/2017 by Water's Edge Dental
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When you need assistance with flossing, the best people to help you are your dental provider, or dental hygienist.

You can also have someone in your family or circle of friends to help you with the act of brushing or flossing your teeth if you need additional help. Here is some more information on getting the help you need for brushing or flossing your teeth,

Location for Brushing and Flossing

If you need to help someone brush and floss their teeth, such as someone who is disabled or a younger person, like a child, you should let them do this in a comfortable place for them.

They could brush and floss anywhere, they do not have to stand at the kitchen or bathroom sink. All you need to do is have a bowl, a glass of water, their toothbrush and floss, and toothpaste near them.

They can even sit at a dining room or kitchen table and do this comfortably. Do the tell, show, and do technique to help them understand what they are doing. First, explain to them what they will be doing and how it will feel for them.

Then, show them and then help them do it for themselves. By doing it this way, you will be helping someone make sure their mouth is as healthy as it needs to be.

Three Steps to a Healthy Mouth

There are three things a person needs to do to ensure they always have a healthy mouth. These three things include brushing twice per day, flossing twice per day, and visiting a dentist regularly for oral checkups and cleanings.

Once they get into a normal routine for this, they will be able to do this as often as needed to keep their mouth healthy.

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