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What Orange Lipstick Does to the Appearance of Your Teeth?

Posted on 11/17/2017 by Water's Edge Dental
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If you ask anyone about their experience with having yellow teeth, they will tell you that is undermining. It makes them lose their confidence, and robs them of their beautiful smile.

If you have yellow teeth, you will be thinking of cleaning and whitening the teeth, if that can work for you. However, did you know that the color of your lipstick can determine how your teeth appear?

Yellow Lipsticks Make Your Teeth Look Yellow

The way your teeth look in terms of color may be attributed to by the lipstick hue you wear. If we draw on principles of the basic color - wheel, you will find that lip colors that have yellow undertones tend to bring out the yellow colors in your teeth.

This makes your teeth appear less whitish than they are. It is the same way you would wear a green sweater to allow your green eyes pop. So any orange or yellow-based lipsticks are offenders to your smile.

How To Avoid the Problem

Before you consider a cosmetic procedure to whiten your teeth, you probably may want to know that the shades and hues of your lipstick may offer some respite.

Instead of going for the corals, reds, frosty pale pinks, orange-based pinks, and the yellows, you might want to think of something that will help brighten the look of your teeth. Lipsticks with cooler blue undertones tend to contrast with the yellow color of your teeth.

They can help bring out the white thereby making you have teeth that appear brighter than usual. The color perception will mostly depend on the way light reflects off of objects. So, it would help if you have a glossy lip because it helps reflect light, thus making you have a brighter smile.

You can play about your lipstick hues and undertones to improve the look of your teeth. However, for an effective teeth whitening, come to us. We can help you restore your lost smile with an effective teeth whitening.

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