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Your Tongue May Be the Harbor of Your Bad Breath

Posted on 10/27/2017 by Water's Edge Dental
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While it's a common belief that bad breath is caused by poor brushing habits and dirty teeth, the more common cause of bad breath that's often overlooked is actually the tongue. Your tongue harbors bacteria and leads to problems with bad breath over time if you don't follow the steps to disinfect your tongue all the time.

What is Bad Breath Caused By?

Bad breath is actually caused by bacteria in your mouth breaking down proteins. As the proteins are broken down they are transformed into Sulphur-based compounds that don't smell very pleasant.

If you don't effectively remove that bacteria from your mouth, you could end up with some seriously bad breath. The best cure to that problem is learning how to clean your tongue properly to avoid a plaque buildup.

Scrape and Brush

To avoid bad breath in the future, it's important to clean your tongue so that bacteria don't have the chance to multiply on its surface. Use a tongue scraper over the surface of your tongue to scrape away the bacteria and hopefully improve the overall health of your tongue over time. A good tongue scraper doesn't cost very much and makes a very real difference to the health of your tongue.

If you are concerned about bad breath, take the time to come into our office to find out the main reasons that you are suffering from bad breath. After doing that we can move on to how to treat the problem for you so that you can go back to having fresh and clean breath once again.

There are other causes of bad breath as well, but if you have poor breath and you are actually causing people to not want to be around you because of it, it's important to take the time to look for the other issues that could be leading to bad breath as well and figuring out how to take care of those problems too so you can have excellent breath.

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