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The Teething Survival Guide

Posted on 6/3/2024 by Water's Edge Dental
Beautiful Black baby smiling after her parents made an appointment at Water's Edge Dental in Boise, IDNo parent should go through the teething process with their babies and toddlers without some handy tips and tricks for survival. Babies teething can be a difficult process, and the more information you have, the better. Here are some helpful ideas to help you survive teething.

Start Looking for Signs of Teething

Usually, babies begin teething between six and eight months of age, but some do not begin teething until they are about a year old. No matter when your baby begins teething, you can look for signs that teething has begun. First, you may notice that your baby is drooling more than usual. You also might notice bumps or swelling on their gums. They may also become fussier. A lot of babies begin gnawing on objects as well. Once you begin to see the signs, you should know that those first teeth are erupting soon.

Prepare for Teething

Luckily for parents, there are several ways to give your baby relief from the teething process. First, many babies love to chew or gnaw on something because the pressure on their gums helps to relieve discomfort. You may want to invest in some teething toys, such as teething rings. However, many babies love to gnaw on frozen washcloths because it allows them to feel better while reducing pain and inflammation. Before your baby starts the teething process, take some time to look into which items you may want to buy to help with the teething process. You may want to get pain relievers as well because it is likely your child may experience discomfort and a low-grade fever.

If You Have Concerns, Contact Our Dentist

It is understandable that you, as a parent, worry about the teething process. That is why it may be a good idea to bring your children to our dentist when you think they may be at the beginning of teething. That way, you can ask questions and get some additional tips from dental professionals. You should also bring your baby in to see us if they are approaching their first birthday and they have not started teething. Call us today to make an appointment to see our dentist.

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