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The Effects of Systemic Diseases on Dental Health

Posted on 12/1/2023 by Weo Admin
Older couple smiling after making appointment at Water's Edge Dental in Boise, IDSystemic diseases that affect the whole body often manifest oral symptoms as well. Dentists are in a unique position to detect signs of underlying conditions during routine dental exams. Being aware of how diseases impact oral health helps dental professionals provide appropriate care and advice to patients on their overall health.

Diabetes and Gum Disease

Diabetes reduces the ability of the body to resist infection, putting people with diabetes at higher risk for gum disease. Gingivitis and advanced periodontal disease are more common. Careful brushing and flossing are essential to manage gum inflammation. Dentists may recommend more frequent cleanings for diabetic patients. Controlling blood sugar levels also helps control gum disease.

Cardiovascular Disease and Tooth Loss

Poor circulation from heart disease reduces blood flow to the gums. This can cause gum recession and eventual tooth loss. Thorough oral hygiene and regular cleanings help reduce bacteria. Some medications used to manage heart disease also cause dry mouth, increasing the risk of cavities. Patients should discuss proper oral care with their dentist.

Osteoporosis and Tooth Loss

Osteoporosis decreases bone mineral density throughout the body, including the jaw. This can lead to receding gums and tooth loss as the bone-supporting teeth weaken. Dentists may recommend measures to reduce inflammation and rebuild bone. Proper calcium and vitamin D intake helps strengthen bones.

Oral Cancer Screening

Many systemic diseases increase the risk of oral cancer. Regular oral cancer screenings allow early detection and treatment. Dentists check for red or white patches, mouth sores, and lumps during exams. Patients should discuss any family history of cancer. Controlling risk factors like smoking and sun exposure reduces the risk of oral cancer.

In summary, systemic health greatly impacts our oral health. Ongoing communication with dentists helps patients manage their oral care needs for optimal well-being.

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