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How Do I Get Rid of Bad Breath?

Posted on 5/8/2023 by Water's Edge Dental
How Do I Get Rid of Bad Breath?There is nothing worse than being around someone with bad breath. Let's figure it this way; suppose you are one with it, yet you don't realize it until someone points it out. Surprisingly, everyone has had bad breath. Luckily, it's a condition that can be avoided with the same steps that can foster gum and teeth health.

While having a mint or some quality mouthwash can help in the short term, it is prudent to visit a dentist to unearth the cause and administer long-term treatment for bad breath.

What Could Cause Bad Breath?

Halitosis can result from several causes and at times, it is a cautionary sign of a disease. The most common culprit of bad breath is poor oral hygiene. If you fail to brush daily, floss, or clean your dentures, it could result in halitosis. Also, certain foods like eating raw garlic could encourage bad breath.

When raw onions are ingested, they release a substance in the stomach as they are broken down. This substance reaches the lungs through circulation. Tobacco use can also bring about bad breath besides causing gum disease. Infections in the mouth, diseases of the throat and nose, dry mouth, or decreased salivation due to some medication, drinking, tobacco, and cancer treatments can cause halitosis.

Getting Rid of Halitosis

A visit to a dentist is one of the bold steps to get rid of halitosis. However, home remedies involve brushing daily, rinsing your mouth out, scraping your tongue, skipping after-dinner mints, hydrating, and chewing the right things.

Nonetheless, if the condition persists despite all your efforts to get rid of bad breath, visit us immediately. We will check and find out if the cause of bad breath is related to a medical condition and offer appropriate medication. Set up a consultation with our dentist today.

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