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What is Some Misconception about Oral Health and Dental Care?

Posted on 4/10/2023 by Water's Edge Dental
What is Some Misconception about Oral Health and Dental Care?Misconceptions about oral health and dental care have existed for a long time. Some are still talked about within our societies. Here are common misconceptions known

Sugar only causes Tooth Decay.

Most people have this misconception that only sugar can contribute to tooth decay. However, that is only sometimes the cause. Sugar is not the only thing that can cause tooth decay. Foods rich in acids and carbohydrates from starchy foods such as potatoes and rice can also lead to tooth decay.

Teeth Cleans Better when Hard Brushing.

People believe that brushing their teeth harder makes their teeth cleaner. More so, using a toothbrush with stiff bristles causes the teeth to remain cleaner for a long time. Brushing the teeth harder leads to the destruction of the tooth enamel, which can cause the development of sensitivity and enamel erosion.

Also, hard brushing may hurt the gums and lead to bleeding, which may cause gum disease such as gingivitis if it progresses. Thus, gently brushing the teeth with soft bristles is recommended once or twice a day.

You only make a Dental Visit when you have Dental Problems

Most dental visits happen when dental problems occur, and very few people take dental visits seriously. However, regular dental checkups are crucial to maintaining good oral health and avoiding dental problems.

Also, it's an excellent way to identify dental problems which may not be seen or felt with the naked eye. It is, therefore, essential to visit a dentist after every six months.

Flossing is not a necessary Option in Dental Hygiene

Flossing is essential in removing stuck food particles between the teeth and the gums. Also, in the removal of plaque and tartar. Flossing, in addition to regular teeth brushing, effectively contributes to proper dental health.

In summary, you can make significant decisions about dental care by dealing with these misconceptions. Thus, consult our dental professionals for better guidance on maintaining good oral health.

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