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Types of Orthodontic Corrections

Posted on 1/23/2023 by Water's Edge Dental
Types of Orthodontic CorrectionsThis is a branch in the field of dentistry that focuses on modifying the teeth of a patient so as to enhance the overall smile. Some dental problems, such as crooked or crowded teeth, causes issues with chewing, smiling and general health. The extra pressure caused by misaligned teeth to the jaw joints, gums and teeth usually lead to conditions such as severe migraines and TMD. Many patients seek orthodontic treatments every single year. They are orthodontic treatments so many, as mentioned below.


The orthodontic treatment mainstay is metal brackets, bands, and wires of braces. If an orthodontist finds any orthodontic issues that require braces for correction, then you will be recommended to have them installed. For fast teeth aligning and close gaps, braces can also come in handy. Besides, the new and high-tech wire braces are less noticeable. The different colors on the elastic bands make the braces to be more fun.


If you are not interested in traditional braces, then orthodontic aligners are what you need. You can have these types of aligners, which do not require brackets or wires. These aligners use removable trays and clear plastic that are fitted over one's teeth. Also, unlike braces, aligners can be worn for a certain time duration, usually from 20 hours each day for the first two weeks. It takes a maximum of 18 weeks to the least for the aligners to start showing signs of teeth aligning.


For patients whose upper jaw growth is faster, they are recommended to use headgear. A strap is fixed around the removable device's back head with a metal wire on the front side. This is referred to as a face bow. For slowing down of the upper teeth, they are held using a headgear. These headgears are what prevent an overbite usually caused by unaligned development of the jaw.

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