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Why Aligners?

woman smiling with hand on chinSome of our patients want to straighten their teeth, but would like more control in their day to day care, and get the work done more discreetly. Aligners allow us to make simple changes to the look of your teeth. Working together, we will create a customized series of plastic aligners with your needs in mind. Our staff at Water's Edge Dental, along with Dr. Geoffrey Herzog and Dr. Kristin Fenwick, can help you perfect your smile using a modern take on traditional metal braces. Our team at Water's Edge Dental, we can help you obtain teeth that are straighter, close any gaps, and help adjust your bite, while maintaining a professional look.

Shockingly, current studies show that only 35% of adults have a good bite or correctly aligned teeth, and some of them even wore braces in their youth. Studies also tell us that almost half of adults would like to improve the look of their teeth. The biggest factor holding them back is the idea of having a mouth full of metal. Braces may be successful, but they are not noted for their attractiveness or professional appearance. Mix their look and the average amount of time that braces need to be worn, which is about a two-year commitment, and many adults are understandably scared off. Customized dental aligners, such as Clear Correct will correct your bite in less time, and because it’s clear, your dental work will only be obvious to you.

Dental aligners allow you to be in control. Though you should wear them a majority of the time, you can choose to remove them. They are also nearly invisible, allowing you to be in control of who knows you are having work done. Aligners can correct your bite and straighten your teeth, while closing gaps, without the restrictions and hassles that come from wearing traditional metal braces.

With clear dental aligners, you will:

•  Not have the visible signs of stereotypical adolescence.
•  Never have metal rubbing or poking the soft tissues of your inner cheeks.
•  Never require office visits for adjustments or tightenings.
•  Never have food stuck in your braces or wires.
•  Never have to adjust your diet due to brackets or wires.
•  Never smile displaying a mouthful of metal.

This system does not use the standard wire and bracket. Instead, your teeth are slowly pulled into position through wearing a series of removable, clear plastic molded trays, customized to fit you. After you have received your customized dental aligners, you simply wear one aligner at a time over your teeth and then switch to the next designated aligner in the series approximately every two weeks. Gradually, the force of the aligner will shift your teeth in small increments, and the final result will be the smile that Dr. Geoffrey Herzog or Dr. Kristin Fenwick designed with you during your planning appointment.

How Dental Aligners Work

The first step in your orthodontic needs is scheduling a consultation with Dr. Geoffrey Herzog or Dr. Kristin Fenwick. Together, we will review your current oral health, the placement of your permanent teeth, and any teeth that have yet to erupt or are impacted. We will review what you are seeking for your desired look. After your consultation, we will make recommendations based on your needs. Clear dental aligners may not be the right option for every patient, but this system is appropriate for a wide variety of malocclusions. Generally speaking, aligners are used for cosmetic changes, aligners are most effective for altering the positioning of your front teeth, not for the more complicated jaw and bite issues.

With dental aligners, we have been able to make a significant impact for:
•  Adjusting spacing and closing gaps
•  Moving overcrowded teeth
•  Patients with a Crossbite
•  Patients with an Overbite
•  Patients with an Underbite
•  Patients with Uneven Teeth

Once Dr. Geoffrey Herzog or Dr. Kristin Fenwick has determined that aligners would be a good option for what you require, then we will create a customized treatment plan designed to fit you. With 3D images, you will be able to view digital images displaying your current tooth placement and then the result that is done through a series of small movements. When the patient has approved the final strategy, we then send the treatment plan to a dental lab. The lab will fabricate a series of plastic aligners that will then be sent directly to you. Your new dental aligners are made using medical grade polyurethane resin, they are BPA free, and will fit specified to your plan.

The dental aligners is not a single unit, but a bulk volume of clear plastic aligners, depending on your specific plan, there will be approximately 36 aligners in your series. Each aligner will be slightly different, allowing for small movements of your teeth. Each aligner is designed to slowly move and shift your teeth into the desired position, making small changes that you will feel through pressure being applied. Each aligner is designed to be worn for about two weeks after which time you will simply remove and place the next aligner in the series in your mouth.

For best results you will need to wear your aligner a majority of the time, at least 23 hours a day; this will include while you sleep. Ideally, the patient should only be removing their aligners when they are eating, and when they are brushing their teeth. The aligner should not be removed because the patient is experiencing discomfort. Your aligners will at times be uncomfortable, but that is due to the important work that your aligner is doing, it is applying pressure to move your teeth slowly. Patients have contacted us to complain about the strong feeling of pressure that they are experiencing with the alinger, but the pressure is necessary to force movement. This same pressure would apply when wearing metal braces. Once you have finished eating or brushing, we ask that you immediately replace your aligner so that it can continue its job.

Dental Aligners for our Adult Patients

Our adult patients want their teeth straightened with as little impact on their daily life as possible. The most frequent questions center around how the aligner will impact their day. Patients are concerned with what they will look like when wearing the aligners, and how it will impact their diet and the variety of foods they will be able to eat. Another large concern is the time commitment to the process. If these concerns are causing you hesitation, clear aligners may be right for you.

Orthodontic work done with Dental Aligners provides our patients:

•  Metal Free:Aligners do not not use metal wires or brackets. We can straighten your teeth and close gaps with aligners designed to apply pressure forcing your teeth to move slowly.
•  Discretion:We understand that some of our patients would rather keep their dental work private. Dental aligners are designed to be nearly invisible. Most people you interact with will never know you are wearing a dental device, there is no metal, and no dark colored appliances in your mouth.
•  Eat your Normal Diet:One of the biggest frustrations that comes with traditional braces is the need to consider the food you eat. Patients with braces are forced to eliminate foods that are crunchy, chewing and sticky. With clear aligners, you can eat your normal diet without concern. You simply remove the aligner while you eat and replace it when you are done. You will never have to worry about food stuck in your brackets or wires because you do not have them.
•  Choosing to go without:For the best results, you will be asked to wear your aligner a majority of the time, at least 23 hours a day. However, for those rare moments when you want to look extra special, you have the ability to remove your aligner. Unlike braces, you can take a break, leaving your dental aligner at home. Patients love having the freedom to choose to go without their aligner.
•  Perfect Your Look:Dental aligners allow our patients the opportunity to perfect their look. When used correctly and with diligence, dental aligners can give you straighter teeth, they can close gaps between your teeth, correct overbites, underbites, and even crossbites. We can help you increase your confidence and have that smile that you have always wanted. In a fast paced professional world, a beautiful smile can set you apart in a crowd. Our team at Water's Edge Dental can help you get a great smile.
•  Less Time in the Chair:With clear dental aligners, you can get orthodontic work done without spending considerable time in the dental chair. Once we have created your treatment plan, your job is to wear your aligners, we do not need to see you for tightenings or adjustments. You will simply follow the plan, wearing each aligner for the designated time.
•  Overall Treatment Time is Less:For patients who wear traditional braces, the average treatment time is two years. For patients who wear clear dental aligners, the average treatment time is under 18 months.

At Water's Edge Dental, Dr. Geoffrey Herzog and Dr. Kristin Fenwick understand why so many patients shy away from the idea of traditional metal braces. Braces force a change in lifestyle, while also dramatically altering your look. We also understand that so many of our adult patients would like to get the end results of orthodontic work. With clear dental aligners, we can help you achieve the smile that you want. A beautiful smile can improve your overall confidence, increasing your stance in business and social situations, and you can achieve this look without a mouthful of metal.

Dental Aligners for Teens

More and more, teens are asking for clear aligners instead of traditional braces. Customized aligner are changing the face of orthodontics. Your teen can get the orthodontic work needed easier, faster and with fewer office visits, all while eating their normal diet. Clear aligners are ideal for teens who play sports and instruments. They can simply remove the device while engaging in their extracurricular activities and then replace the device when their activities are completed. The option to remove their dental appliance is a relief to teens, brackets, and wires can be frustrating, and in some cases painful, when engaging in extracurricular options.

Increasingly, studies are showing that clear aligners are a good option for not only simple changes, but even moderate bite disorders. When worn for the appropriate amount of time, and with consistency, adults and teens alike can make a significant change to their smile. Though aligners are a large expense at one time, the costs comparison for dental aligners and the long term payments of traditional bracket system are fairly comparable, plus you get the ease of wearing a clear and removable device.

Wearing metal brackets and wires can be emotionally difficult for some teens. Studies have shown that many parents underestimate just how self-conscious their teens are about their teeth, both in having a bad bite and in wearing traditional metal braces. With dental aligners, Dr. Geoffrey Herzog and Dr. Kristin Fenwick can help your teen have a look they want, without the metal.

Are aligners a good option for my teenager?

Yes! Dental Aligners are a good option for teens! Increasingly, we are recommending teenagers who are seeking orthodontic treatment to consider clear dental aligners. Aligners offer many benefits for your teens including:

•  Aligners are designed to allow extra space for your teens erupting teeth:Many teenagers who are seeking orthodontic treatment are still growing teeth. At Water's Edge Dental, we have taken their still growing and changing mouths into consideration. As your teens new molars erupt, we have allowed for adjustments in the aligner to guide these new teeth into position, helping the new teeth have better alignment.
•  The Ability to be Removed:Whether your teen plays sports and worries about a ball scraping their cheeks cutting the soft tissue along the brackets, or plays an instrument and worries that the sound will be altered due to brackets at wires, with aligners, the dental appliance can be removed. Though we want your teen to wear their aligner as much as possible, the ability to remove the device can be a huge bonus in their daily activities.
•  Aligners not only move teeth but can move roots:Your teens dental aligner is designed to shift and guide tooth roots, not just the tooth. Moving the tooth roots will help your teen have straighter teeth.

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