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Is An Over The Counter Mouth Guard Better Than A Custom One?
Posted on 11/25/2018 by Water's Edge Dental
A mouth guard is an important dental tool for people who play sports or those who grind their teeth. There are several options available, including over the counter and custom options. While there are pros and cons to each, when it comes to the safety of your teeth, a custom-fitted mouth guard is the better choice. Teeth ProtectionCustom-fitted mouth guards tend to be better at protecting the teeth than store-bought options. That's because an over the counter mouth guard is available in a standard size that is not customized for your unique bite and teeth. It may not fit snugly against the teeth as intended, and it could shift out of place and even fall out of the mouth. On the other hand, a custom-made mouth guard will sit in place perfectly against your teeth. Cost Over the counter mouth guards – both stock and boil and bite options – are readily available in sporting goods stores, and they are affordable. However, they may not last as long as the stronger, custom options. A custom mouth guard created in a dental office tends to be more expensive, but when you consider how well they protect your teeth, they are a wise investment. Superior protection will reduce the risk of damage to the teeth, which could lead to some expensive dental repairs further down the road. Availability Over the counter mouth guards are easily available in any sporting goods store. So, if you need a mouth guard immediately for an upcoming game, you would be able to find one quickly. A custom-fitted mouth guard takes longer to make, as they are usually constructed in a dental laboratory. Are you interested in a custom mouth guard, or do you need more information about your options? If so, give our office a call today to learn more....

How to Relax Before We See You to Avoid Dental Anxiety
Posted on 11/15/2018 by Water's Edge Dental
It is easy to find excuses not to go to the dentist. Some people are so anxious that they avoid even thinking about making an appointment. Others make the appointment, but when it is time to actually make the trip, they find an excuse not to go. Much of the reason that people do this is a result of dental anxiety. This can paralyze some people and can lead to bigger problems with their oral health later on. The way around this is to find some ways to avoid dental anxiety. Things to Do There are many things a person can do to deal with dental anxiety. Some of the things can happen well before they go to the dentist, some happen right before they leave and some of the things happen while they are at our offices. Before Making the AppointmentEven before you go to our offices for a checkup or for some other form of treatment, visit the offices. Take a tour of the facilities to familiarize yourself with the place and the people. Ask questions about how they do things and what you should expect during your visit. That knowledge can help remove the fear of the unknown that can aid to the dental anxiety. The Day of the AppointmentThere are several things people can do to help with anxiety right before they head off to our offices. Some people may find meditation helpful, others may like listening to soft music. Others need to keep themselves busy, so they do not have time to think about the appointment. The key is to find what works for you to reduce stress. At the OfficeIf you checked out our offices beforehand, you could also make us aware that you are not comfortable visiting the dentist. This allows our staff to take extra steps to help with your anxiety. We can offer a quiet space to wait and we have different types of sedation available. The staff can answer all the questions you have. Make sure you do not just try to live with the anxiety, ask for help. Some may deal with dental anxiety by avoiding the trips to the dentist. This is a bad idea that will only make things harder later on. It is better to find ways to deal with the anxiety. Don't let it stop you from getting the care you deserve. Contact our office to schedule an appointment to see how we can help you with your oral health....

Tips for Better Oral Hygiene You Can Begin Today
Posted on 10/25/2018 by Water's Edge Dental
Good oral hygiene isn't something that takes a lot of planning. If you feel that you've neglected your teeth and gums, but want to make a change, there are steps that you can take right now. By following these tips and making oral hygiene a priority, you can drastically improve the health of your mouth. Get a Better ToothbrushIf your toothbrush is worn down with frayed bristles, swapping it out for a better model can make a big difference. Choose a toothbrush with round, soft bristles that doesn't hurt your gums. While a good toothbrush might cost a bit more than a cheap, ineffective option, the benefit for your teeth in the long-run is worth it. Start FlossingA lot of people really dislike flossing, but if you want to improve your oral hygiene and your dental health, it is important to start. Floss your teeth every day, and you'll notice an improvement in your gum health quickly. Rinse with MouthwashMouthwash doesn't just freshen the breath. Certain therapeutic mouth rinses can strengthen the teeth and treat oral health conditions. By rinsing out your mouth with mouthwash before bed, you'll keep your teeth free of bacteria and plaque that cause cavities. You'll also help to protect your gums from gingivitis. Make a Dental AppointmentTo maintain good oral health, you need regular dental appointments. We recommend that you visit our office at least once every six months for optimal oral health. Our hygienists will clean and polish your teeth, while our dentist will check for any signs of a problem. Remember that preventive care and maintenance are essential for good oral health. By making better choices regarding your oral hygiene today, you'll be rewarded with healthy teeth and gums long into the future. Call us today to learn more....

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