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How Ice Harms Your Teeth
Posted on 2/15/2019 by Water's Edge Dental
While chewing ice may provide relief from the summer heat, it may not be as harmless as you think. Here are some of the effects of chewing ice. Enamel DamageChewing on ice reduces the strength of the enamel thereby predisposing it to decay. This is the part of your teeth that ensures that biting, grinding, and chewing does not compromise the inner parts of the tooth. The more it is worn down, the more likely you are to develop tooth damage and other related complications such as sensitivity. Weakens FillingsWhen fillings are exposed to rapid changes in temperature, such as when you chew on ice, they tend to expand and contract. Because of this they become loose and need replacement much sooner. Gum InjuriesGums can easily be bruised or punctured as a result of chewing on ice as it is usually hard and sharp enough to cut the soft gum tissues. Cracks TeethThe pressure exerted on your teeth by frequently chewing on ice can, over time, cause tiny fractures in your teeth. These usually develop into much larger ones resulting in the need for expensive treatments such as root canals. SensitivityConstant exposure to high temperature can cause significant damage to the delicate and sensitive nerves that are located inside the teeth. Can Cause Headaches and Soreness Chewing ice can result in a mild or excoriating headache, jaw pain, and even brain freeze. In addition, irritating the inner delicate tissues in your teeth can cause a toothache. Underlying Problems If you find yourself constantly craving ice chewing, it could be a sign of underlying severe health concern, such as nutritional deficiencies (anemia), stress, OCD, or even developmental disorders. Call us today to book an appointment with one of our licensed dentists. Our goal is to promote your oral health through provision of high quality dental services. We look forward to seeing you....

Is Alcohol Based Mouthwash Good for Your Mouth?
Posted on 1/25/2019 by Water's Edge Dental
From a young age, we are taught about several dangerous things should not be put in our mouths. However, one thing we are rarely weaned from is the habit of using alcohol based mouthwashes to cleanse and sterilize our mouths. Is it time to set down the bottle and move on to better alternatives? The Big C Perhaps most alarmingly, the use of alcohol based mouthwashes has been recently linked to oral cancer. A study published in 2008 by Australian professor of oral medicine Michael McCullough found that people who use alcoholic mouthwashes more than three times daily dramatically increases the risk by almost 5% to over 9%, depending on the number of other factors present (such as a history of smoking or drinking.) Other studies since then have not turned up results quite as foreboding but do acknowledge that there is some level of link between using high-alcohol washes and the development of oral cancer. Irritation and PainEven without the risk of cancer, most mouthwash users are not reticent about mentioning that it takes getting used to the burning "tingle” sensation of using an alcohol based wash, and that it can turn people away from washing as often as they should. This is not the case with most alcohol-free mouthwashes, which typically use essential oils and fluoride to non-abrasively and non-irritatingly clean the teeth. While you should still continue to use mouthwash, it may be a good idea to switch to an alcohol-free product to protect your mouth and body from future harm. If you'd like to know more about mouthwashes, or need help deciding which one is best for you, don't hesitate to reach out to our office and discuss the options currently available on the dental hygiene market....

How to Relax Before We See You to Avoid Dental Anxiety
Posted on 1/15/2019 by Water's Edge Dental
It is easy to find excuses not to go to the dentist. Some people are so anxious that they avoid even thinking about making an appointment. Others make the appointment, but when it is time to actually make the trip, they find an excuse not to go. Much of the reason that people do this is a result of dental anxiety. This can paralyze some people and can lead to bigger problems with their oral health later on. The way around this is to find some ways to avoid dental anxiety. Things to Do There are many things a person can do to deal with dental anxiety. Some of the things can happen well before they go to the dentist, some happen right before they leave and some of the things happen while they are at our offices. Before Making the Dental AppointmentEven before you go to our offices for a checkup or for some other form of treatment, visit the offices. Take a tour of the facilities to familiarize yourself with the place and the people. Ask questions about how they do things and what you should expect during your visit. That knowledge can help remove the fear of the unknown that can aid to the dental anxiety. The Day of the Dental AppointmentThere are several things people can do to help with anxiety right before they head off to our offices. Some people may find meditation helpful, others may like listening to soft music. Others need to keep themselves busy, so they do not have time to think about the appointment. The key is to find what works for you to reduce stress. At the Office If you checked out our offices beforehand, you could also make us aware that you are not comfortable visiting the dentist. This allows our staff to take extra steps to help with your anxiety. We can offer a quiet space to wait and we have different types of sedation available. The staff can answer all the questions you have. Make sure you do not just try to live with the anxiety, ask for help. Some may deal with dental anxiety by avoiding the trips to the dentist. This is a bad idea that will only make things harder later on. It is better to find ways to deal with the anxiety. Don't let it stop you from getting the care you deserve. Contact our office to schedule an appointment to see how we can help you with your oral health....

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